Posted on 03/30/2015 9:25 PM

About Three Green Market

Three Green Market:

Three Green Market is a startup U.S. company and website founded by me, Mark Jude Kelty Jr; from the city of Chicago, IL.  Three Green’s dream is to build a culture of people: musicians, artists, and fans, from around the world that share common beliefs.

How it Works

Post your music for sale and profit

- Sign up for free, and use all of’s wonderful features

  • - Create profile: add artist/band bio, genre, art and graphics, create your music’s home and drive your fans there

  • - Sell merchandise in “Classifieds” and get 100% profit

  • - Post artist/bands shows and events on profile

  • - Post music for free listens and downloads

  • - Drive your fans to your page and they can discover other’s music

  • - Opportunity for other artist’s fans to discover you


  • - Featured music spots for artists, singles, and albums on homepage

  • - Featured written article spots about artists, singles, albums, or shows on homepage

What We Do

  • - Continuously promote the site and artists on it externally and internally

  • - Maintain and evolve the site to better the artist and fan experience

  • - Pursue Three Green initiatives with Three Green’s music sale percentage   


  • - Artists and bands require a PayPal account in order to receive payments

  • - Per sale, after PayPal fees (2.9%+0.30) of the cart, the artist or band gets 70% and gets 30% to pursue our dreams too

Thank you for visiting, please enjoy.

Mark Jude Kelty, Jr