Posted on 03/30/2015 3:22 PM

People, People, Planet

People, People, Planet

  Here we are, a single blue ball of matter adrift in the ever expanding space we call our universe.  Out of all of the of celestial bodies floating around in the cosmos, we are familiar with only one.  It is our one and only home, Planet Earth.  Human beings have developed quite the relationship with this planet over time.  As a species, we owe our mere existence to the natural processes of evolution; even the formation of Earth and all events prior.  With phenomenal location, and optimal conditions, we have been granted a mark on the timeline of existence.

     As we emerged from our primal ancestors, our instinct guided our ways.  We were one with nature, participating as a simple, but unique, component of the natural world.  Humans were in tune with the natural balance of things. Learning and growing, as a species, with nature.  Over the hundreds of thousands of years that humans have existed on Earth, we’ve learned quite a bit.  Our cities, buildings, organizations, businesses, knowledge, sciences, technologies, and ability to create and harness natural energy are only a few of the endless examples of this collective growth.  Our societies are more complex than ever before, but this should be of no surprise.  Our population has climbed at a nearly unpredictable rate totaling over 7 billion people that all would like to live, love, be loved, and be happy.  To complicate things even further, we are social creatures and therefore rely on each other to truly achieve this end.

     So it’s quite complex really: the issue of having billions of free thinking individuals, collectively bound to one another through nature, inhabiting only a single planet, while trying to balance the distribution of power, wealth, and resources in a fair manner within the range that the systems we have already created allow; while simultaneously preserving our environment and all of its components from our own destructive path.  It is certainly not the easiest situation humanity has confronted, but with great challenge, comes great growth.  Overtime, humans have developed systems of government, currency, policy and diplomacy, economy, education, and much more.  What we have accomplished in our time on this planet is truly amazing.  However, along our journey to technological superstardom we’ve unfortunately encountered a problem with the way we’ve been treating the Earth and its people.

     We are in a time of confrontation, where people all around the world are making an attempt to be honest, and curious of ways to improve and progress; innovation has generally been a good thing throughout history, and will be more necessary for the future of our civilization than we had originally anticipated. Confrontation is also beneficial to society; continuously building stronger, healthier relationships between the individuals and the demographics they represent. Three Green is working to assist this building of relationships between people of all nationalities and cultures; while allowing future generations of human beings to flourish on this marvelous planet we’ve called Earth for so many millennium. We now understand that we are a single species on a solitary sphere. This economic and climate crisis has finally triggered the realization that we are merely one people, on one planet, whether we like it or not. 

     So Three Green is here for you. We see the big picture, and find it a privilege, to make our mark in time. We are here to serve, in the ways we know best, the extraordinary relationship, of people, people, and planet.

Mark Kelty